Are you insured?

Our aim is to keep people safe - and like most Kiwis, we think figuring out insurance and paperwork can be a really tricky task. That said, there’s a few things you need to know:
-    Normally if you’re hit from behind, it’s the other driver’s fault. However, if your lights or number plate are obscured, your insurance could decide that you’re partly at fault.
 You’d also be breaking the law, which isn’t a good idea and may invalidate your insurance cover.
-   Great bikes often aren’t cheap. If you’re involved in an accident where your bikes aren’t being carried in line with NZTA regulations, you may be considered at fault or negligent - which could affect your payout!

Don’t risk it. Talk to your insurance company, or far more fun, get a Safelite now to avoid these issues.


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