Features of the Safelite panel

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The Safelite panel was designed and tested in New Zealand to meet current regulations and is “a good contribution to road safety” (NZTA).  It has a full two-year warrantee, fits into any car boot and comes in a recyclable cardboard box which can be used for storing or carrying the panel.  

Easy-on-easy-off design:

  • The Safelite panel slots onto all bike racks sold in New Zealand and easily clipped into position using our specially designed “Safeclips".
  • It has a top-quality, easy to handle, flat 7 pin connector, which fits into any standard trailer socket and comes with enough cable to fit up to 4 bikes. 

To make sure it is strong, yet light:

  • It is made from UVP waterproof composite with aluminium both sides. 
  • Both lights are high-quality, shock resistant LED’s, sealed and made to Safelite’s own specifications.  
  • It has pre-positioned holes and securing bolts ready to mount a standard supplementary number plate.
Watch our video on how to use a Safelite.

    How to get a supplementary and what it costs

    Here is the link where you can order a supplementary number plate which cost around $30.00.  Click here.

    1. Scroll down to “Online Applications”.
    2. Click on the Bike symbol or the heading “Supplementary Plate (Bike Rack)” 


    If you buy the full service, we will order and fit your supplementary number plate.  Please bear in mind, we are in the hands of the NZTA supplier and it can take up to 10 days.  However, we have a good relationship with them, and can usually do it in less.


    Be seen, be safe and be legal when carrying bikes

    Made in New Zealand to keep New Zealanders safe