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A close call
In 2016, Murray and Alan were travelling over the Desert Road at night. It was raining but there was good visibility, and we could see a single red light from the car in front of us.
Suddenly, the car braked and pulled into a parking area - with no indicating, brake lights or any warning! If we’d been travelling closer, things could have gone badly wrong for all of us. Being good Kiwis, we pulled over and went back to let the family know their rear lights weren’t working. In fact, they were in a brand new SUV but the bikes they were carrying had completely blocked their rear lights, indicators and number plate, so only one rear light was faintly visible.
The family hadn’t realise the danger they were in and there wasn’t much they could do to fix the problem at the time of night. We agreed to follow behind them as a rear guard until our turn off from SH1.  We left them with our fingers crossed that they and the kids would make it home safely to Wellington.

We are Murray Butcher, an engineer/designer and Dr. Alan McGee, a retired university lecturer. Following that near-accident, we have been working on problems related carrying bikes on the back of cars.

Road safety for cyclists and keeping Kiwi families safe are our main concerns. so we came up with the Safelite panel.

Made in New Zealand

SAFELITE is made in New Zealand to meet NZTA requirements.  It is lite, slots on to any bike, is easy to put on and take of, and plugs into a standard trailer connector.



Be seen, be safe and be legal when carrying bikes

Made in New Zealand to keep New Zealanders safe