Are you insured?

Safelite is mainly concerned with road safety and is not allowed to give advice on insurance. Ultimately, it is up to you and your insurance company to sort matters out. This will depend on your policy and if you have third-party only; third-part, fire and theft or fully comprehensive.

Again, Safelite is not allowed to give insurance advice but if you carry bikes on the back of your car, you might want to consider the following, and check with your insurer.

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If I’m hit from behind, it’s the other driver’s fault

Generally this is true, but what if you’re carrying bikes which obscure you lights and number plate?

  • First, you are breaking the law and may not be covered.
  • Second, you may be considered partly at fault as your number plate, indicator, rear lights and brake lights could not be seen.

Best to check with you insurer.

Will my bikes be insured?

Again, this will depend on your car policy or if they are covered under your home and contents policy.

  • First, if you have your lights or number plate obscured, your bikes are not being carried in accordance with the NZTA regulations so you may be considered to be at fault or negligent.
  • Second, as with all insurance policies, there will probably be specific conditions related to carrying of stuff on roof racks or bike racks. Best to check with your insurer

Be seen, be safe and be legal when carrying bikes

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