The Safelite Panel

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As drivers become aware of the laws related to carrying bikes at the rear of their cars, it is important to have a reasonably priced product available which meets NZTA requirements.

To be legal, you will also need to get a NZTA approved supplementary number plate

Features of our “Safelite” panel:

  • Lightweight, robust and durable.
  • Uses long-lasting LED lights.
  • Has reflectors, rear sidelights, brake lights, indicators and number plate light which meet NZTA requirements.
  • Includes a fully lit section to fit the standard NZ supplementary number plate complete with fixing screws.
  • Slots directly onto most bike racks sold in New Zealand and supports its own weight.
  • Easy to attach or detach using the clips supplied. (See video)
  • Can be carried in the boot of a car
  • Available in white, black or brushed aluminium.
Supplementary number plate
How to get a supplementary and what it costs

To be legal, you will have to fix a supplementary number plate to your Safelite panel the holes and fixing screws provided. Supplementary number plates can only be sold through approved NZTA suppliers at a cost around $20.

Here is the link where you can order a supplementary number plate which cost around $20.00. Click Here

Let us order and fit your supplementary number plate

For a small additional charge, we can order and fix a supplementary plate to your Safelite panel


Be seen, be safe and be legal when carrying bikes

Made in New Zealand to keep New Zealanders safe