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We began with some basic research to estimate the number of cars which carried bikes at the rear and if these obscured their lights or number plates. There were a lot!

We then went on to design an online survey to check if driver’s knew that they were putting their families at risk and breaking the law and could collect demerit points and a fine. The vast majority were unaware they were illegal.

Traffic survey

To measure the extent of the problem we monitored a section of State Highway 1 over a holiday weekend for a morning and afternoon, and recorded how many vehicles carried bikes. Where possible we photographed them and later analysed to what extent these covered up rear lights, indicators and number plates and were illegal.

We recorded 23 vehicles that carried bikes. All 23 had their rear lights, indicators or number plates partially covered and one had a handwritten number plate attached to its bikes.

While the traffic survey wasn’t scientific, it did show that there was clearly a problem. We have repeated the same traffic survey a number of times and on different state highways, but the results are similar.

If you use the main highways, especially at weekend or in the summer, you will see lots of examples. Feel free to take photos and email them to us at safelite@safelite.co.nz.

Online survey of cyclists

We believe that most Kiwis are law-abiding people and would not knowingly put their families at risk or break the law. Therefore, we carried out online surveys to check if drivers were aware of this road safety issue. Based on the results, it is clear that the overwhelming majority have very little of knowledge of the law relating to carrying bikes or risks to their families and other road users.

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Given the rapid increase in bike related sports and the predicted growth of cycle ownership, we believe that the risks and dangers of vehicles carrying bikes will increase. Therefore, we went on to solve the problem and design a cost-effective solution which meets the requirements of NZTA, improves road-safety and helps to keep Kiwi families safe.


Be seen, be safe and be legal when carrying bikes

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