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Following a near accident (Read More), Safelite was established to research the road safety issues relating to Kiwis who carry bikes on the backs of their cars (see our research). It discovered that most drivers are completely unaware they risk 25 Demerit points, plus a fine if their bikes obscure their number plate, or cover up their tail lights and indicators (check Are you legal?). More importantly, they put at risk their own safety, their family’s safety and the safety of drivers travelling behind (See our story)

Safelite set out to solve this road safety issue and has designed an easy to fit, durable, high-quality product to keep you safe, which is made in New Zealand to meet NZTA requirements.

Safelite will keep you within the law and won’t cost an arm or a leg.

What the media think

The Stuff website, suggests this appears to be a national problem

What Safelite thinks

Given the increase in bike related sports and the growth of cycle ownership in New Zealand, we believe problems relating to cars carrying bikes, which block lights and number plates will increase. The police will have to respond and become more active in this area.

What you should do

You need to be seen, be safe and be legal. It’s a no brainer’


Be seen, be safe and be legal when carrying bikes

Made in New Zealand to keep New Zealanders safe